Necrons: Monolith

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    A slower, but more direct, way to impose your dominion over your opponent’s territory is to unleash the Monolith. As it drifts imperiously towards enemy lines, you can lash your foes with the inconceivable power of the Monolith’s particle whip, while obliterating any survivors with either a set of four corner-mounted gauss flux arcs or the new, aptly named, death rays! As if that wasn’t enough, your Core units can pour through the Monolith’s Eternity Gate from Strategic Reserves directly into the fray, making securing nearby objectives a doddle. The newly reimagined Monolith is considerably larger and more impressive than its predecessor, and is so powerful it’s now a Lord of War choice! Its sheer presence, not to mention its game-changing abilities, make it a worthy addition to any Necron dynasty’s bid for galactic reconquest.

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