Comic Grading Estimates

At MILLENNIUM Comics we pride ourselves on offering top quality comics at the best prices.

However, some of the collections we buy won't always be in the best condition.

Therefore, we have our estimated grading system for all custoers to gauge our older comics by.

We don't ever claim our comics are 10/10 but, if they are in the system without a grade value, you can expect them to be 9.0 or higher


MINT (9.5)

  • A slight stress line by the staples, themselves aregenerally centered clean with no rust.
  • Cover is flat with no surface wear; inks are bright with high reflectivity and very little fading.
  • Corners are cut square and sharp with ever so slight blunting permitted.
  • Cover is fairly well centered and firmly secured to interior pages.
  • Paper is supple and like new.
  • Spine is tight and flat.



  • This comic is an excellent copy with great eye appeal, vibrant and clean with supple pages.
  • The spine may have very small stress lines (max 6mm) and is almost completely flat.
  • The cover is relatively flat with almost no surface wear and the cover inks are generally bright with medium to high reflectivity.
  • The staples may show some discoloration, but it's not too noticeable on first glance.
  • The inside pages and covers usually will be off-white to white, but can be creamy or slightly yellowish.



  • Comic book appears to have been read a few times and has been handled with some care.
  • Comic has a few stress marks on spine.
  • The cover has some slight surface wear but still has its original gloss and there is nothing major wrong with it.
  • Unobtrusive date stamps or arrival dates in pencil or ink are acceptable.


FINE (6.0)

  • This could have one major defect like a larger piece out of the cover (7mm) or a 25mm+ tear.
  • It has stress lines around the staples and creases from the opening and closing of the cover.
  • The whiteness of the pages has been changed to off-white to yellowish color.
  • The cover and/or inside pages could have minor tears and/or folds
  • Cover can be loose from one staple, but cover cannot be completely detached from interior.



  • Comic is complete, but with major creases and or a spine roll.
  • The comic's inside paper quality is not good, yellow and small pieces of them may be missing.
  • If there is a piece missing from the cover, it should be no larger than a 12mm.
  • Books in this grade are almost always creased, scuffed, abraded and soiled, but completely readable.


GOOD (2.0)

  • Represents a comic that is still completely readable with numerous defects.
  • The inside paper quality is not good and yellow and small pieces of them may be missing.
  • If there is pieces missing from the cover, no larger than a 12mm
  • Book is creased, scuffed, abraded and soiled.
  • Book has no missing pages and is still in a "collectable" grade.
  • Small amounts of tape is acceptable on the comic


FAIR (1.0)

  • Comic has all pages and most of the covers.
  • Comic is worn, ragged and unattractive.
  • Heavy creases and folds are prevalent paper quality can be very low
  • The spine and/or cover may be completely split.
  • Staples may be missing and corners are rounded.
  • Coupons/panels may be cut from cover and or inside pages.
  • Parts of the front cover may be missing. and soiling, staining, tears, markings or chunks missing will interfere with reading.
  • Brittleness maybe a factor.
  • Extensive amounts of tape is acceptable on the comic


POOR (0.5)

  • It has major defects to the point that there is almost no collector value.
  • Comic will have pages and/or around 1/3 or more of the front cover missing.
  • They may have severe strains, mildew or heavy cover abrasion to the point where cover inks are gone.
  • Heavy defacing with paints, varnishes, glues, oil, indelible markers or dyes, etc.
  • The inside pages can be extreme brittleness.


Our grading estimates are given to the best of our abilities, and photo/s are supplied on all items for general customer evaluation also.