I dont understand what some terms mean? Can you help! 

With everything we stock there is alot of terms that our staff/other players may say! 

  • TCG - Trading Card Game 
  • MTG - Magic the Gathering 
  • W40K - Warhammer 40K 
  • AOS - Age of Sigmar 
  • Power Level - How strong your deck is 
  • Raw - Card/Comic book not sleeved 

Can i place an item on hold? 

Absolutely! However, we do only hold items for 1 x week. At the end of this period, your order will be cancelled and your item forfeit. If you are needing longer to hold the item, please contact the store.

Alternatively we do have Layby options available as well. 

How do i submit a buylist? 

Make sure you sign into your account on our website.

On our homepage, click on 'buylist'. Here you can choose the TCG of choice and start to input the cards from your collection. We only accept 'near mint' conditions, however there are cases where we will accept 'played' condition cards. Ensure that you have the list when completed in the same order as it is in the buylist when you bring it in store!

From receiving it, buylist's may take up to 24hours to process. When we do process it, store credit is live immediately! 

What events do you run at the store? 

The store is open late on Thursday's & Friday's to faciliate competitive and casual play for a variety of different games.

Make sure to keep up to date with our socials to know what's going on!